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The Training: Two Years Later
    Eddy pulled off his briefs and left them on the dresser, and withdrew a trainer and his pajama pants, dressing himself before looking around to his brother, who was presently being checked by their mom.
    “Tsk, Cody, I don’t think you’ve made it to the bathroom a single time since your big brother earned his way out of pull-ups,” she chided the boy, tearing the sides of his pull-up and tossing it into the bin, before easing a new crinkly white disposable up over his hips. Ever since Eddy had moved completely out of pull-ups, even at night and during long trips, and was even allowed to wear big kid briefs during the day, their mom had adopted his labeling of himself as the “big brother,” in the hopes that Cody might start following his example.
    Cody’s padding was given its ritual swat, and their mother went to Eddy next. She picked up his daytime briefs and inspected the inside, and smiled down. “Ver
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Tomoki The Fighter by LittlePlayfulChild
Mature content
Tomoki The Fighter :iconlittleplayfulchild:LittlePlayfulChild 5 26
The Training
    Eddy’s mom unzipped his pants and lowered them down to his knees, and placed her hand under his pull-up. “Oh, good boy, you’re dry again!”
    “Does this mean I can wear big boy underwear, mom? Please, please?”
    “I got a little surprise for you. Why don’t we see what’s in your dresser?”
    It wasn’t fair, Cody knew Eddy cheated. They were only allowed to use the bathroom when they visited the nurse before lunch, but he’d seen Eddy sneak to the toilet more than once every single day for the past month. Cody had tried as well, but never attempted it again after his teacher caught him and called his mother.
    “But first, let’s see how Cody did.” She knelt back down and undid the fastenings on Cody’s pants before lowering them to his knees, and held his pull-up from the bottom, same as with Eddy. “Oh Cody, I really thought you mig
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Diapering the Babysitter's Son
    Jason’s parents opened the door to Sarah and her mom. They showered her with greetings, inviting the two in. “Remember to make sure she has her protection on at night,” Sarah’s mother reminded the other two, gesturing at her daughter’s large backpack. The parents exchanged little small talk before Sarah’s mom departed.
    “Jason’s in his room upstairs, I’ll help take your stuff up,” Jason’s father offered. He led her to his son’s room. “Hey Jason, Sarah’s here. Her mother won’t be back until Monday, so please get along this weekend.” With the quick introduction over, he lowered Sarah’s backpack, and went back downstairs.
    The two ten-year old children sat in silence for very little time before Sarah offered, “wanna play ‘house?’”
    Jason bit the inside of his cheek, shrugged, and hopped off his bed. “How co
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Nolan Diapered on the Road
    Today was a big day for Nolan. For one, it was his twelfth birthday. Two, today was the day he, his little brother Harry, and their mother, moved from Rhode Island to San Francisco.
    His mom appeared at the doorway to his room. Well, his former room. “Are you all set to go?” she asked, “there’s only one last thing before we hit the road.”
    She left him, and Nolan made his way to the garage. The moving vans had already collected everything, and they had food and clothes packed for the ride. As he reached the door to the garage, his mother stopped him, “not so fast, I said there was one last thing.”
    “Huh? I thought everything was packed,” Nolan questioned.
    “It’s not that, wait in the living room.” She headed into the garage, and Nolan could hear her fetch something from the trunk as he led himself to the living room. She returned with a canvas bag, &
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Lucas Diapered at Thirteen
    Lucas sat in the back seat, complaining the whole way.
    “But mom, I don’t need a babysitter!”
    “I can’t leave you alone for that long,” she chided him.
    “But he makes me wear--”
    “Diapers, yes, but is it really such a big deal?”
    “But I don’t need--”
    “If that’s the case, then you have nothing to worry about. It’s only for a day.”
    “No more buts! It’s Dusty’s house, his rules. It’s not so bad, it’s not like your friends will see.”
    Lucas sat, sulking the rest of the way. It just wasn’t fair! Why did his babysitter make him wear diapers? He’s thirteen years old! He wets the bed, but he only has to wear pull-ups with plastic pants at night, and he’s never once had an accident during th
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Chaos Magic (OC) hanging wedgie by MRPhoenix0015
Mature content
Chaos Magic (OC) hanging wedgie :iconmrphoenix0015:MRPhoenix0015 23 5
Max n Nekoluga by dcrisisbeta Max n Nekoluga :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 55 11 Lil Wolfcub howl by dcrisisbeta Lil Wolfcub howl :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 79 11 Younger Days - October 20th by dcrisisbeta Younger Days - October 20th :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 68 45 Soft Foot Games by dcrisisbeta Soft Foot Games :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 143 30 Liv and Host - Videogame playdate by dcrisisbeta Liv and Host - Videogame playdate :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 52 12 I can always make you smile! by dcrisisbeta I can always make you smile! :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 102 21
Mature content
Tomoki's First Friend :iconlittleplayfulchild:LittlePlayfulChild 8 11
Yu and Kenta Brotherhood in diapers by LittlePlayfulChild
Mature content
Yu and Kenta Brotherhood in diapers :iconlittleplayfulchild:LittlePlayfulChild 34 24
The Edgy Kid by Joifee The Edgy Kid :iconjoifee:Joifee 17 11


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